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  • Agent

Primary Specialty

Tenant Representation, Site Selection Specialist who identifies new business opportunities through research and by building canvassing, effectively implement salesmanship in negotiations, employing leverage and strategy, problem-solving, research and negotiation skills.


  • B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies: Triple minor in Leadership, Communication, and Sustainability Studies from Auburn University in August 2018


Jonathan brings 9 years in construction to Moore Company Realty. During that time, Jonathan learned the home building process from start to finish. In addition, he has worked for a professional holiday decorator for residential and commercial properties since 2015 becoming a team leader during his first season with the company. Jonathan also became an assistant manager of Kinnucan’s in Auburn within the first two months of employment. He was one of the top salesmen of product and memberships during his tenure.

Jonathan is working to become a Retail Specialist that works with large and small retailers and franchise stores in procuring the necessities that they desire. Jonathan believes that the success of his clients does not happen by chance but with strategic action that pushes them in the right direction. He also believes that hard work helps to build discipline and teaches values in order to give life purpose.

Jonathan grew up on a farm in Tallassee, Alabama and enjoyed the aspects of the life he was given. Riding motorcycles, spending hours on the lake, and sharpening his mechanical skills along with his golf game are part of the lifestyle he is passionate about. He also spends an ample amount of time with his family as he says they are a major influence in his life.