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What does over 125 years of managing properties tell us about how a development should be organized?  Some of our most successful projects are team efforts between Architect, Owner, Contractor Leasing Specialist, and Managers.  Each has a role.  If it doesn’t lease, you have nothing of value.  If it is poorly designed for sustainability, your profit will be marginalized.  If you consider developing without a full team, it is like playing poker without a full hand!   Call us to help with your next development today!

Current Development Projects

  • 243 Catoma St – Retail Flex Space – In Development – Available
  • Dauphin Plaza Center and Annex – Enterprise, AL – In Development Available
  • Samford Office Village Lot 2  – Auburn, AL – In Development Available

Completed Development Projects

  • 311 Catoma Street – Bonds & Boets Attorneys at Law
  • 312 Catoma Street – Krebs / Lat32 / Moore Company
  • 324 Catoma Street – Church of the Highlands
  • 345 Molton Street – Hertz
  • 309 Maxwell Boulevard- River Bank and Trust
  • 424 Bibb Street Lowe Building- Common Bond
  • 424 Bibb Street Lowe Building- Bibb St. Pizza
  • 312 Catoma Street Residental Annex
  • 114 Medical Center Dr. Prattville, AL –  Great Leaps Learning Center