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Sales & Leasing AgentĀ 

Dynamic and results-driven professional with a passion for excellence, leveraging a diverse background in real estate, motorsports, and adrenaline-inducing activities. Since joining the Team, I have immersed myself in the real estate industry, developing a solid foundation and demonstrating a commitment to delivering exceptional client experiences.

Prior to my venture into real estate, I embarked on an exhilarating journey as a NASCAR driver, achieving remarkable success as a two-time regional champion with over 35 career wins. Racing has been a lifelong passion, igniting my competitive spirit and instilling in me valuable lessons in perseverance, discipline, and strategic thinking. These qualities seamlessly translate into my work in the real estate industry, enabling me to tackle challenges head-on and consistently exceed expectations.

Beyond the racetrack and the realm of real estate, I am continuously seeking new horizons and pursuing thrilling adventures. Currently working towards obtaining my pilot’s license, I am captivated by the freedom of the skies and the precision required to navigate aircraft. Additionally, I find solace in the rush of skydiving and the thrill of carving through snow-capped mountains while snowboarding.

As a driven professional with a unique blend of experiences, I bring a fresh perspective and a tenacious approach to every endeavor. Whether it’s helping clients find their dream properties, negotiating deals, or pursuing my own passions, I am dedicated to achieving exceptional results and embracing the excitement that life has to offer.


  • Strong Client Management
  • Networking
  • Management Skills
  • National Business Relationships
  • Office/Warehouse Space
  • Retail
  • Site Selection Specialist
  • Sales & Leasing Agent
  • Currently Pursuing CCIM Designation
  • English
  • Spanish
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