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Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, lease, or develop commercial properties in Alabama and the Southeast, our dedicated team is ready to help you navigate your journey.

Montgomery, AL

Birmingham, AL

Commercial Real Estate Services

Established in 1894, with offices in Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama, serving a three-state portfolio, Moore Company Realty offers a full range of premium commercial real estate services including:

  • Commercial property sales. Navigate successful commercial real estate transactions with our expert team. We specialize in facilitating seamless commercial property sales, ensuring optimal returns for sellers and valuable investments for buyers.
  • Commercial property leasing. Find your ideal business space effortlessly. Our leasing services connect you with the perfect commercial property that’s tailored to your unique requirements.
  • Commercial property management. Our comprehensive commercial property management services enhance property value, streamline operations, and maintain tenant satisfaction.
  • Commercial property development. Our expertise in commercial property development spans from identifying opportunities to strategic planning, ensuring your projects align with market demands and yield remarkable outcomes.
  • Commercial real estate investment. Maximize returns on your investments. With our insights and industry knowledge, we guide you through informed decisions, helping you navigate the diverse landscape of commercial real estate investments.
  • Commercial real estate consulting. Gain a strategic advantage with expert guidance. Our consulting services offer tailored solutions, leveraging our extensive experience and market insights to help you achieve your commercial real estate goals.


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Moore Company Realty Commercial Property Sales & Leasing Team

Jerome T. Moore III, CCIM

Gene Cody, CCIM

Jon Masters, CCIM

Jonathan McCall, CCIM

Eric Higgins, CCIM

Steve Hughes, CCIM, CPM

Sims Herron

Richard Perry Patino

Moore Company Realty Commercial Property Management Team

Jeff Branch

Elizabeth Dean, CPM

Lynn Brown

Matt Edwards, CPM

Lesley Foster

Hugh Lawson Joy

Cliff Malone

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